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Polly Lee • ACTOR
Kitt Lavoie's preparatory work is amazing! As a result he is able to communicate to and inspire an actor with his clarity of vision. No other director I have worked with has such specific understanding of text and, indeed, theatricality. Thus, he is able to guide an actor through their choices, providing them with fantastic resources throughout the rehearsal process. Kitt has directed some of my finest performances. He works hard and expects the same from his cast but the effort is ultimately exhilarating.

Equally, his aesthetic sense is inspiring. He always adds other layers to one's performance by introducing specific music, set and costume pieces. Highly intellectual, his forethought and focus are intense and rewarding for colleagues and audiences alike!

Austin Basis • ACTOR

I had the privilege of attending graduate school with Kitt at the Actors Studio Drama School and working with him as a director on projects both in school and after graduation.  He is a consummate professional.  His work ethic and attention to detail far exceed that of any director I have worked with.  Every play Kitt directs has a distinct point of view - but he doesn't go about achieving this vision by force-feeding his actors.  His approach is methodical and intellectual - yet passionate - with regards to the project, to the material, and, most importantly, to the actors.  Kitt's ability to dissect a script is exemplary.  His keen observations give insights into my characters that always prove to be critical in my execution of a role.  And his unique sense of humor finds its way not only into the actor-director relationship, but into his work as a whole.  As a director, Kitt is honest, clear, and direct - three qualities an actor cherishes; three qualities that are rare in theatre today.  As a professional, Kitt gets things done - his accomplishments speak for themselves.  As a friend and colleague, Kitt provides support and encouragement - without which an actor like myself cannot succeed.

Emily Bridges • ACTOR/STUDENT
Working with Kitt was an incredibly enlightening experience.  He has a no-fear-try-everything approach to the creative process.  The improvisation and exploration that he led the cast through resulted in some a number of truly extraordinary discoveries.  Kitt is a dynamic director and very passionate about his work.  He was always prepared with new, creative ways to interpret actions between characters and to connect all of our stories.

Kitt is a dream for an actor to work with.  He constantly provided fresh ideas about how to approach a scene based on our characters' needs, and of course always reminded us of those four very important words that are all-too-easy to forget: "listen to each other!"  His method was clear and direct, which made it impossible to get lost in our heads.  Ironically, to achieve this simplicity, Kitt had us work very hard to really get to know our characters.  He has a sensational sense of playwhich made the whole process a joy to be a part of.  I would work with Kitt Lavoie again in an instant!

Cynthia Franks • PLAYWRIGHT
Kitt Lavoie is my first choice for a director for all my plays.  He has the ability to find the essence of a play and translate that into the strongest dramatic language for the stage.  Kitt took my play Then... and built into it a clear, theatrical, dramatic structure.  He took the time to understand the play, the characters and what I was trying to say.  Kitt took what was there and made better.  He is a director that takes charge of a project and gets things done, but he never made me feel as though I had lost my creative control as a playwright. Most importantly Kitt is fun to work with.  His rehearsals are organized, efficient and always fun.  He doesn't waste precious time.  He has a way of getting great things out of actors very quickly.

I have had the enormous pleasure of a creative collaboration with Kitt Lavoie for almost 20 years. I can firsthand attest to the rigor of his craft, his passion for storytelling, his gift for collaboration and inspiration, and the abiding humor and intelligence that provides the foundation for seeing a project from idea to fruition. I have had the benefit of his wisdom, patience, and guidance as a director – I place my trust in his view of my performance more than anyone else I have ever worked with. He unfailingly creates a safe, creative, exciting work environment where creative people of all stripes can do their best work. I have directed him as an actor, and know I can always not only rely on him to do his homework and come to the rehearsal room with great ideas, but also to stay open to the discoveries of a collaborative rehearsal process. Most importantly, our partnership in building The CRY HAVOC Company together demonstrated the essential qualities of leadership and vision that have inspired artists, students, and donors to build an artistic home that few companies in New York can claim. I endorse him without reservation, and with great delight.

Having produced two of Kitt’s works, I have been able to witness the instant trust that actors feel when working with him.  As a director he delivers what he promises both creatively and technically; as a writer his understanding of raw human emotion is remarkable. He is able to walk the fine line between writer/director/actor and is able to step away and allow others into his work. He works well with others, and knows what and when to compromise and what to hold fast to - in other words he “picks his battles” wisely when working in a team environment.  As a teacher he has the patience and tenacity to walk students through the small steps to get to the big picture.  When working with Kitt I have complete trust in every part of the process from pre-production to the final result.

Kitt directed the original production of a play called Welcome Back Buddy Combs by Ben Rosenthal, which we later further developed here at Ensemble Studio Theatre. During our development process, I asked to borrow Kitt's copy of the script as a reference. I was taken aback by the notes he had made on the script. The notes were rigorous and inquiring. Relentless detail. They illustrated his approach – he goes at dramaturgy like an attack dog – and provided a road map to a deeper understanding of a play I already felt that I knew quite well. His preparation gave the piece what a writer looks to a director to provide – he didn't just serve the play, he elevated it.

Later, Kitt enlisted me to collaborate on a project that I can honestly say would become the most difficult production experience I have ever had. But in the face of it, I never lost faith in Kitt. Undermined at every turn by the inexperience of the producers, Kitt consistently rose to daily, nightly, hourly challenges: staying all night to complete set construction himself; re-teching sound cues himself; recasting, rewriting and hustling new audiences night after night himself. In almost entirely discouraging circumstances, he proved his mettle with the same vigor he showed with his script notes: given the resources, he will elevate a play to a more fulfilling, more theatrical place than it begins on the page. Denied those resources, he will elevate it anyway. He has grit and smarts, and is driven to make theatre. Any organization would be fortunate to have him on their side.

Katelin Wilcox • ACTOR
Kitt has worked with me in several capacities - as an audition coach, a scene study teacher, and as a production director, to name a few. In each case I can honestly say I came out of the experience having discovered exciting and unexpected things about my character, with more confidence in my craft, and with greater enthusiasm for the audition/scene/production. He works tirelessly to help an actor find not the "right" performance, but "the performance only you can give" - an important and invaluable distinction in this ultra competitive world of acting. He will continue to ask questions, give exercises, offer metaphors, point out textual clues, and pull any number of other rabbits out of his hat until you have arrived at a meaningful, specific, emotionally resonant and personal performance. And he does this without belittling or intimidating the actor, but also without coddling them. The rehearsal room with Kitt is a safe place, but also a challenging one - in a really good way.

Josh Bywater • ACTOR
Kitt is a director who I trust. Sounds simple, but means more to me than any other quality I can find in a director. I trust he will be there to do the work, I trust he will guide me down the right path to tell the right story, and I trust he wants to hear any ideas I have, and supports any things I want to try in rehearsal. He allows, and requests of, his actors to find their truth for the character-something that resonates with them to connect the dots from moment to moment, still staying true to the story being told. He will not let him or her use the short cuts that have served some of us so well, and gently, but firmly pushes each actor to reach his or her full potential in any moment. He has faith in the actors and company with whom he works, believes whole heartedly in each story he tells, and cares deeply for each actor he directs and coaches. If Kitt followed me around, asking me to jump, I would constantly be asking, "How high?", knowing full well he'd be there to support me.

Kerry Flanagan • ACTOR
I have known and worked with Kitt Lavoie for 18 years and I can confidently say that for an actor, there is no better director to work with. He has a fantastic ability to hone in on your unique traits, what makes you special, and bring those traits to the work. This helps you achieve a level of performance you may not have thought possible. He does this all in a thoughtful and respectful way, giving you the freedom and courage to be brave. I always know that if Kitt is leading the team, it will go farther than anyone could have imagined.

Kitt Lavoie is extremely dedicated to his actors.  He encourages actors to come into a rehearsal process to experiment with different choices, encouraging them to explore many options to identify the choices that make the character and scene speak most clearly to them.  As a result, rehearsals are always very interesting, exciting, relaxed, and fun.

Working with Kitt as an actor, I always felt that he was the epitome of an "actors' director."  It was only after I began working with him as a stage manager that I came to realize that he reserves the same level of care and attention for all elements of the production.  Seeing Kitt interact with his actors, creative staff, and crew is truly an amazing process to witness.

Aubyn Philabaum • ACTOR
One of the many things I love about Kitt as a director is that he is always pushing the envelope.  An incredibly organized and text savy professional, he starts each rehearsal process table talking with the actors, encouraging discussion and intellectual exploration, which creates an atmosphere of equality, of artists working together to uncover the world of the play.  In this setting, we (actors, director, stage manager) are all equal partners, discussing and laughing and sharing.  Thus a comfortable environment is established.  This leads into exploration through improv.  The improvisational work that Kitt encourages and leads his actors through is fascinating.  I have uncovered more about my characters in this work with Kitt than in any other improvisational work in shows, in classrooms, onstage, etc.

Kitt has so much passion and respect for the theatre, for his actors, for his playwrights -- he is an artistic intellectual, able to approach the theatre through many different eyes.  His work is always fascinating, as he is always pushing his actors and audiences to think outside of the box.  He loves a challenge, and loves to challenge others.  I have a great deal of respect for Kitt as a director and playwright.  He is a dream for any committed actor.

Erin Deal • ACTOR
As a director, Kitt encourages actors to explore different options and to bring their ideas to rehearsal.  I was always comfortable during the process and looked forward to rehearsal.  I learned many things while working with him because he would always lead me discover things on my own, rather than just telling me on what to do (he was a great teacher, as well as a great director).  He understands his ideas clearly, and is able to convey them to clearly to others, always presenting them in the terms that the individual can understand best.  He was always open for questions and discussion.  I always look forward to working with Kitt because I have grown as an actor every time I have worked with him.

Jennifer Robinson • ACTOR
Kitt Lavoie is an artist whom I truly respect and admire.  I have worked with him in many different capacities: as a fellow actor in a production, as one of the actors under his direction, as a regular at the CRY HAVOC Workshop, and I have nothing but praise for Kitt as a director, actor, writer, and teacher.

Working under Kitt’s direction was an incredibly educational experience for me.  He is very intuitive and he works incredibly well with actors (perhaps because he’s an excellent actor himself).  He communicates complex ideas very clearly and in a way that keeps me excited for the challenges ahead.  Working with Kitt has made me (and I believe will continue to make me) a better actor.  He keeps me on my toes and working to the maximum of my abilities.  He is the sort of director that inspires me to give 200% – and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.   

Kitt directs and writes with a superior intellect.  He’s not interested in the “easy” stuff, and that is one of the things that I most admire about him.  He asks the big questions.  Fearlessly.  His plays (like Good Enough and Makes Three) grab me by the throat. He doesn’t tiptoe around difficult topics – he looks them in the face and calls them what they are.
It has been my privilege to participate with the CRY HAVOC Company (of which Kitt is Artistic Director) in their weekly workshops.  It is a brilliant forum for writers and directors and actors to come together and create new work.  Kitt’s leadership and organization of this group supports the artistic lives of many young and aspiring artists in the city and produces some genuinely outstanding theatre.  Kitt has the intelligence and the leadership skills necessary to inspire trust, enthusiasm and respect in those he works with – and I hope always to count myself among them.

Lisa Barnett • ACTOR
Kitt is a very dedicated and intelligent director.  He puts a lot of thought and care into any project that he turns his attention to.  I always felt that I was in good hands with Kitt, and that he was very thorough.  And beyond all that, rehearsals were always a lot of fun - Kitt is one of the funniest people I know!  I really look forward to working with him again!

I have been very fortunate, in my career, to have worked with a number of the top professionals in my field.   Few have the energy, common sense, and integrity that Kitt has in such abundance.  Not only does he possess unusual skills of comprehension and analysis; he also has an extraordinary ability to persuasively communicate his ideas.  As a colleague, he is warm and generous, as well as incisive and astute.  I have never known him to undertake any task as a director, writer, actor, or administrator – however great or modest – without excellent results.

Alex Miller • ACTOR
Kitt creates an atmosphere where the actor feels secure to try new ideas and take risks.  He has a gift for knowing when to push an actor or when to give them space to figure something out.  Always willing to listen, Kitt is an exceptional talent who directs with confidence and passion.

Mackenzie Westmoreland • PRODUCER
My association with Kitt began while I was producing a revival of Italian American Reconciliation for The Sanctuary Theater Company.  Kitt entered the rehearsal process with a clear vision, extensive preparation and a professional attitude that promoted a creative working environment.  His ability to communicate ideas and inspire both the actors and designers were major elements to the show’s success.  He developed great relationships with the production team, offering many solutions to obstacles with sets, costumes, and even advertising.  At the end of the run, I knew I would want to work with Kitt again.  I have followed and attended as many of his later projects as possible.  I am constantly amazed at how the real world barriers of strict budgets, time constraints or space limitations never dampen his sense of artistry.  His “can do” and “why not?” attitude forces everyone, including me, to think outside of the box – something theatre should make all of us do.

Jennifer Reichert • PLAYWRIGHT
I have worked with Kitt as a director and dramaturg for several of my plays. As a dramaturg, his concern was always to be faithful to the story I was trying to tell, and to challenge me to raise the characters’ stakes.  His critiques were both profoundly insightful and always delivered with patient respect for my process.  As a director of new work, I trust him completely to deliver a play that is stronger than when I gave it to him, but to remain utterly faithful to my story.  I cannot recommend Kitt highly enough as a director of original work.  He will always be my first choice for director of my work.

Lynn Freedman • ACTOR
I worked with Kitt on a production of John Patrick Shanley's Italian American Reconciliation and it was, to date, my most positive theater experience yet (we're talking over twenty years of live performance).  Kitt was so wonderful and concise in his direction that he helped me to find the subtle nuances in both the text and my character without ever telling me or demanding from me in any kind of authoritarian way.  He challenged me and inspired me to truly dig deep and excavate whatever truths about my character I could muster.  His gentle, nurturing and supportive ways lent themselves to a cast that never felt as though they were less than, but more importantly, felt motivated to rise to his level.  I grew tremendously as an actress during the two-month period that I worked with Kitt and I know this was as a result of his guidance.  Working with Kitt was not only an experience that lead me to grow but one that allowed me to blossom and he is a director that I would not hesitate to work with again under any circumstance!!!

Darren Eichorn • ACTOR
Working with Kitt on Macbeth was a very rewarding experience.  We had a large cast and he managed to organize and unite everyone.  Kitt was always in control of the production, but never with a heavy hand.  He created a relaxed environment and was always available to discuss and answer questions.  Every role in the play was considered important and he gave ample time to everyone's performance.  It was very exciting working on Macbeth with Kitt.  He gathered a strong group of actors and staff and we all had great time!

Russell Hankin • ACTOR & PRODUCER
My experience with Kitt began quite some time ago when my company, Ring of Fire Productions, commissioned him to write and direct a modernized adaptation of George M. Cohan's Seven Keys to Baldpate.  For this project, I worked with Kitt in two capacities: as a producer and as an actor.  As a producer, I found him to be an invaluable asset to the forward momentum of our company.  His deft skill with the direction of the production was energizing to our entire production team.  As an actor, I felt more enthusiastic and motivated under his direction than I've ever felt with another director.  His ability to drive and guide, coupled with a strong sense of playful exploration, created an atmosphere of bubbling creativity like no other I've been involved in.

Suzanne Mailhot • ACTOR/STUDENT
I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Kitt on Romeo & Juliet as a student at Fordham University (where he was a guest director).  Kitt is a nurturing and sensitive director who creates a truly special dynamic with his actors.  He communicates what he wants clearly to his actors but, more importantly, provided us, as student actors, with the tools and opportunities to discover what we wanted in each scene.  I always felt safe to take risks in rehearsal, knowing that even if my efforts fell short of perfection, I never had to be concerned with disappointing Kitt.  He never failed to express his support and understanding - and he ended up guiding me to a performance of which I was extremely proud.  There are truly not enough words to express my gratitude to Kitt as a teacher and a director.

Jack Hartman • ACTOR
As an older actor, with extensive life and professional experience, I always approach any new director with a certain skepticism.  With Kitt, I knew even from the audition process that working with him would be an educational and rewarding experience.  His trademark is to engage in private discussions with the actors to set up exercises designed to have the actors resort to their inner creativity to respond to their scene partners.  Kitt recognizes at each step that the result may not be final, but it will contribute to the creative process shared by the actors and the director to eventually result in the deepest characterization, the best staging, and the clearest story telling.  Kitt constructs a true process; planned and designed to build each of those elements throughout the rehearsal period.  As a result, the actors have the opportunity to reach the highest level of intensity in their performance, and rely on each other not only to sustain that level, but increase it throughout the production.  I look forward to working with Kitt again, and know that the next role I play will be even more complete than the last as a result of what I learned under his direction.

Kari Jacobsen • ACTOR
I have had the pleasure of being directed by Kitt in several productions, and I find his work to be intelligent, playful, and filled with integrity.  And always, always well prepared.  I trust him because I know he'll give me the time and guidance I need to develop my character.  Kitt has the ability to put people at ease, making the actors feel comfortable enough in their characters to allow them to try what would otherwise be not-so-comfortable choices.  And although he encourages actors in their process, he never loses sight of the product.  I trust his sense of the stage -- his aesthetic.  In the end, every little detail from lighting to costume to choreography is accounted for through his preparation and direction.

Dennis McCarthy • PRODUCER
Kitt Lavoie’s creativity and compassion, coupled with his dedication and leadership, makes him an ideal director (especially in our college setting).  Under his direction, no aspects of the production go with out his full attention.  His knowledge of both the text and theater in general is unsurpassed by any director I have had the fortune to work with, and it shows how well trained he is.   By working closely with the producers, actors, designers, and crew, he maintains a pleasant and dynamic work environment where everyone’s needs are met and no one’s work goes unappreciated.   The combination of his personal skills and this environment that he fosters allows Kitt to tackle any predicament while still managing to deliver exceptional theater to his audiences.

Zoe Frazer • ACTOR
As an actor, it is rare to find a director who understands how to question actors about their choices and motivations for their character in such a way that enables the actor to create a depth of work that they themselves never deemed possible. Kitt encourages actors to experiment with the identity of their character, to never underestimate or assume too much about the role he or she is playing – not even when the show is up and running.  I truly relished the time I spent working with Kitt and hope to tackle many other projects together.

Libby Kelly • ACTOR
Kitt's direction is a whirlwind of useful realizations!  He gives the actor "secrets" that enable them to explore so many viewpoints of their character.  With out force, he helps you figure out, on your own, so many possibilities of a rich backstory of the character.  His passion and skill of the text or show is always so strong and his overall vision of the show is simply a masterpiece ready to come to life.  I have nothing but positive things to say about Kitt as a director and always felt inspired while under his direction.

Jeb Toms • ACTOR
Working with Kitt Lavoie was like going back to that pure uninhibited starting point in an actor's training.  He cultivated a free and open environment for the creative process allowing the work to flow naturally from the inside out.  It was refreshing to have a director unleash the reigns and allow me the opportunity to explore and to dare to be stupid, if that’s what it took!

Lana Faye Taradash • ACTOR
Kitt has a great knack for reading people and I really appreciated the way in which he took the time to get to know how I work.  He was extremely effective in tailoring his direction and way of communicating to me and the rest of the cast members individually to really bring our ensemble together.  I particularly liked the intensive table work we did at the beginning of our rehearsal process.  Kitt left no room for unasked questions regarding each of our characters, and he really changed the way that I will approach a role from now on.  Kitt’s passion for the show and taking each moment of each scene and making it special and important was really was inspiring to me and was a constant reminder of why I love to perform.

Ewan Ross • ACTOR
Working with Kitt was a pleasure.  His depth of knowledge and his prior preparation and planning made the experience enjoyable and educational.  Kitt has a clear design and concept and sticks to it throughout the production.  This in turn made my job as an actor much easier.  I knew exactly what I was doing and why - largely in part to the level of table work and rehearsal we had undertaken together.  I also felt that I could lean on Kitt for support and advice at anytime.  Despite his extensive preparation (or perhaps because of it), he was very open to suggestions and was not afraid to change things in response to what we learned in rehearsal.  In short Kitt showed remarkable vision, talent, professionalism and leadership.  He was a joy to work with.  I look forward to our next production together.

Christopher Larkin • ACTOR/STUDENT
Kitt Lavoie is that rare director that I was able to put my full faith in.  He showed a true respect and deep understanding for the text, which forced me to study and engage my role in a way much deeper than I ever have before. His creative process, full of exploration and improvisations, allowed me to feel comfortable enough to break free of the old habits and tricks that I often fall back on. Kitt's ability to communicate with everyone – performers, designers, and technicians – was key in bonding the cast and crew together. Working with Kitt gave me a newfound confidence and passion that allowed me to be in the moment at all times. Although he expects nothing less than hard work, Kitt also reminded me how fun the theatre is meant to be!

Sarah Sirota • ACTOR
Kitt Lavoie is the kind of director who is constantly challenging the actors to push themselves to a deeper level of acting. He doesn't accept acting that skims along the surface, and hence the process of working with Kitt becomes a growing process for the actor. He listens, helps the actor make strong choices, and directs each actor in a way that fits his or her individual style. He welcomes conversations about the show or any difficulties an actor is facing, and is a true leader. Working with Kitt has been a great opportunity for me, and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

Rachel Neuman • ACTOR
Kitt Lavoie really understands an actor's psychology.  He is able to address each individual's needs within the rehearsal process while creating a safe, open environment where the actor is free to explore.  He respects his actors, but will not coddle them.  Actors are constantly challenged to find a greater depth of character.

Charlotte Wyatt • ACTOR/STUDENT
I was fortunate enough to work as Kitt’s directing intern on CRY HAVOC’s production of Romeo & Juliet.  His directing process was thrilling to watch and take part in.  Kitt directed with a dynamic enthusiasm that brought a varied cast of twenty-seven together.  Kitt was never unprepared for a rehearsal, but remained open to the feelings and suggestions of other artists, never hesitating to take the time with any actor who asked to devote individualized attention to their needs.  Both by example and instruction, Kitt provided me with an excellent learning and artistic experience.  Not only did I learn about the art and process of directing a production, but I was able to actively participate in a safe, supportive environment. I proudly recommend Kitt Lavoie to any theatrical artists who want to hone and enrich their craft.

Elizabeth June • ACTOR/STUDENT
I took Kitt’s "The Performance Only You Can Give" acting class at The CRY HAVOC Company. It was the most helpful, insightful and creatively liberating class I have taken in years. It provided a safe environment for me to try new things and play. I highly recommend it.

I first started working with Kitt as an intern in the CRY HAVOC Company. He mentored me on various projects as a director, playwright, and actor. He quickly became someone I trusted to not only coach me artistically but professionally as well. He creates a safe room that empowers you to take risks and not be afraid to articulate what it is that you would like to accomplish – and even better, he helps those goals become a reality. I now work with the company and still feel lucky to be in the same room with Kitt. I learn so much by both his mentorship and by observing him work.

Jennifer Curfman • Timothy Davis • Jane Pfitsch • Gabe Fazio • Kerry Flanagan • Jenny Kirlin • Rachel Neuman • Jennifer Reichert • Chris Stack • MEMBERS OF THE CRY HAVOC COMPANY
It is an ongoing joke at CRY HAVOC that we take for granted how smoothly the organization runs (both day-to-day and in production) – until we are working elsewhere.  Put simply, things go better when Kitt is in the room.  His extraordinarily efficient management style has been critical to our success, since we generally have between seven and ten projects in the works at any given time, all dependent on the complicated and often shifting schedules of thirty working professionals.  He is an exceedingly clear communicator and understands the power of information, and he makes sure that everyone is given ready access to the information that they need.  He is always several steps ahead of a project and foresees and prepares for problems long before they arrive.  On the occasion that things do go awry, he is an exceptionally able problem solver, and always remains remarkably composed, focused, and good humored in the face of a challenge.
When work is brought in to our semi-weekly workshop group, Kitt’s focused moderation assures that we will get the feedback we are seeking, and the help we need.  Kitt’s feedback is always especially insightful, and he has a special and invaluable gift for guiding actors to recognize the ways in which specific feedback that he (or someone else) gives on a scene can be extrapolated into a lesson to be applied to the rest of their work.  He is an excellent teacher.
Kitt also has an especially notable gift for working with and mentoring actors (and playwrights and directors) in the early stages of their professional careers.  Working with him both in production and in our Workshop setting, we have had the opportunity to see over and over the way in which young actors flourish under Kitt’s guidance.  He understands that all theater artists need to develop their own way of personalizing and approaching their craft, and Kitt has a singular skill for helping them to understand the kind of actors that they want to be and to setting them well on the road towards that goal.  He has an uncanny ability to help actors get to places that they did not know how to get to – and show them the way to get back to them on their own.

As a director, Kitt enjoys and embraces the actors’ process, allowing them to build a character and insisting that they make strong choices.  He won’t let you take the easy way out and challenges you to challenge yourself.  He demands a high level of professionalism, respect and focus in his rehearsals – but never makes the process feel like work.  He not only demands you do your best work - he provides you with the tools, support, and inspiration to do it.  He always takes you seriously, and is a delight to work with.

Kitt Lavoie is an enthusiastic collaborator, a focused leader, and a trusted friend to all of us here at The CRY HAVOC Company.  We recommend him without reservation and with pride.

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